Honors & Memorials

Make new friends but keep the old


.one is Silver and the

other Gold.

Our YES Friends hold a special place in our hearts.

We develop new partnerships almost daily because

everywhere we go, the story of YES is contagious!

Our children deserve the love and support that our

partners pour into them year in and year out.

Recently, one of our dearest friends, Ann Roberts,

set out to raise funds for YES in lieu of birthday

gifts. Such a selfless act of kindness, in true Ann

Roberts fashion! We asked Ann to share her story

with us of how she got involved and why YES holds

a special place in her heart. Here

s what Ann had to


How did you first hear about YES?

I first heard about YES through Hillsboro Church of Christ. I

ve been a supporter of

the mission since learning of the organization back in 200

8. I became a monthly

donor in 2013 and now participate as an Advisory Board Membe


How did you decide to start a campaign for your friends to support YES in lie


of birthday gifts?

My parents, Mary Jo and James Loden, provided the example to

commemorate a

landmark birthday (or in their case an anniversary) with a c

haritable endeavor. For my



birthday, I knew that I wanted to follow the example of my

parents. My

husband, Mike Roberts, and I have more than we need, so wh

en folks wanted to

honor my birthday with a gift, we suggested the YES donation. We

committed to

give a set amount to YES in the year of my 50


birthday. Whatever shortfall remained

after friend and family donations, we would cover. I thought it

was a good way to get

the word out about YES to all my friends.

In your own words, why do you support YES?


aligns with my beliefs. There are many worthwhile char

ities and causes, but I am

inspired because YES is a local charity that serves the underse

rved young people


their own neighborhoods

. YES provides not only the academic and social development

that may be missing, but most importantly, YES adds a spiritual com

ponent. YES

provides these young people with love and mentoring that will

impact their lives

forever. What better investment is there? I know that my doll

ars are going directly to

support these young people to guide them to a more enriching a

nd productive life.

In Memory of Carolyn Smith from Don & Chris Portell

In Memory of C.S. Baker from Gary T. Baker

In Memory of Mr. Ed Snyder from Starley & Jan Carr

In Memory of Mr. James Harwell from Louis Green

In Memory of Mr. Kevin Sowell

In Memory of Mr. Luke Queen from Mrs. Gloria Smith

In Memory of Mr. Luke Queen from Jacqulyn P. Downey

In Memory of Oakley Christian Jr. from Oakley & Angela Christian

In Memory of Mrs. Peggy Daugherty from Melba Boyd Meriwether

In Memory of Mrs. Peggy Daugherty from Shari Godley

In Memory of Mr. Robert Pilmer from Mike & Diana Hiatt

In Memory of Rowena Bennett from Debbie Seigenthaler

In Memory of Ms. Sara Whitten

In Memory of Harold & Burton Wood from Stephen A. Wood

In Memory of Mrs. Yvonne Herbert from Lewis & Nan Rankin

In Memory of Mrs. Yvonne Herbert from Barna & Mary Ann Gibson

Benson Memorial from James & Faye McFarlin

Wood Memorial from Wood Family Trust

In Memory of Mr. Miles Ezell

  • John & Kathryn Roberson
  • John & Annette McRay
  • Jerry & Sandra Collins
  • Duane Dixon
  • Richard & Carolyn Batey

In Memory of Ms. Abbie Little

  • Mom & Dad
  • William & Kelly Baker
  • Paul & Charman Compton
  • Joe & Teresa Walkup
  • Diane West
  • Robert & Dottie Fidler
  • Kenneth & Lynn Summar
  • Tony & Terri Wood
  • Brian & Michelle Pope
  • Scott & Pamela Farrell
  • Thomas & Alison Phillips
  • Terry & Anne Huff
  • Susanna Quasem & the Nashville Child & Family Wellness Center
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In Honor of Carpenter's Square from Rick & Cindy Betts

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In Honor of DeeDee & Kris Hatchell from Floyd & Susan Dunnavant

In Honor of Diana Hiatt from John & Annette McRay

In Honor of Joey & Bari Harwell from Marice Wolfe & Sara Harwell

In Honor of Joey & Bari Harwell from Richard & Jan Craig

In Honor of Kyle Huser from Cindy Huser

In Honor of Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ from Phillip McGovern

In Honor of Mr. Mark Willoughby from Mrs. Neika Stephens

In Honor of Mr. Matt Bauer from Lewis, Thomason, King, Krieg & Waldrop, P.C.

In Honor of Mr. Matt Butler from Randy Butler

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