Volunteer Opportunities

Spiritual Development
Each day our children participate in a chapel service where they have the opportunity to hear a positive message.  This is a fun time for the kids to learn new songs, hear Bible stories, and learn memory verses.  The most important thing that we do at YES is to plant a seed in a child’s heart. Volunteer Opportunity: Speak in chapel, teach a Bible class, lead singing




Tutoring & Homework Assistance
Utilizing hundreds of volunteers from the business community and area colleges, children receive one-on-one homework assistance and tutoring in basic literacy, math and English.Volunteer Opportunity: Tutor a child, read to a child


Summer Bible Camp
Many children who grow up in public housing have never had the opportunity to explore outside their own neighborhood. Each year over 300 children are taken to one of our week-long sessions to experience the wonders of nature at a 17-acre camp in Joelton, TN. Volunteer Opportunity: Camp counselors, organize activities, lead devotion, Camp Nurse, Camp Cook


Physical Development
YES centers provide plenty of indoor and outdoor physical development opportunities.  Children are taught about having an active and healthy lifestyle through sports, games, and other physical activities. YES winter basketball program engages children of all ages, with both boys and girls teams. Our students also participate in soccer and futsal. Volunteer Opportunity: Organize an activity, teach new games, coach, concessions


Back to School
YES began its "Back to School" program to provide school supplies to children.  Children receive the school supplies and clothing that they desperately need to begin each new school year. Volunteer Opportunity: School supply or clothing drives


Christmas Store
Every year, YES parents are invited to attend our annual Christmas Store. Each family has the opportunity to select a complete outfit of new clothing and new toys for each child, regardless of how many children are in the home. Each family is also given a large box of groceries, including a turkey for a Christmas dinner, as well as a gift card. Each year over 600 underprivileged children are served. Volunteer Opportunity: Organize toy, clothing, or food drives, sponsor an angel, set-up the store, work the day of the store


Honor Roll/Field Trips
We offer academic incentives to our children to encourage them to stay in school and keep good grades. Each year we take the kids that make their school’s honor roll (all As and Bs) during the school year on a special outing. We also provide field trips include sporting events, plays, museums, ballets and theme parks. Volunteer Opportunity: Chaperone trips



Computer Learning
Each of our two centers has a state-of-the-art computer lab.  During the week our children participate in some type of computer practice.  Volunteer Opportunity: Teach computer skills



Job Skills Training
Our goal at YES is be holistic – to give kids who don’t have opportunities and resources the same exposure and encouragement that other kids have, to put them on a level playing field so they can achieve successful lives.  For this reason, throughout the year we inform our children of various trades through our job skills training program. Volunteer Opportunity: Teach a skill or trade